Prices April 6, 2015-March 31, 2016

Loose (Less than 380 per order, pick-up or delivery): $1.65 per log

1-3 pallets: $1.30 per log/$494.00 per pallet
($19 additional for CC)

4+ pallets: $1.25 per log/$475.00 per pallet
($19 additional for CC)

Pallets contain 380 logs (see photo on right).

We offer free pallet storage through March 2016 for paid logs!

Note: 268 logs equal approx. 1 cord of wood in BTUs. Due to BTU output of logs, there is no sales tax as there is no sales tax on cord wood.


For tailgate delivery, area must be on hard, flat surface such as tar, concrete, or plywood. Delivery can be made directly into your garage!

We may have others in your area which will defray delivery charge. Shipping is F.O.B. 44 Mead St., Leominster, MA.

Great news! You may pick up logs at our warehouse at 44 Mead St., Leominster and drive in to load!!! Warehouse Pick-up: Saturdays, 12:00-3:00 October 2015 - March 2016. Pick up on all other days is by appointment only. There is no charge to load your pallet at our warehouse.

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