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Home Fire Prest Logs, 10"L x 4" diameter, are made from 100% wood mill waste. Waste is recycled from the numerous lumber mills, collected and brought through a process of compacting. The waste is compressed under extreme pressure that brings the temperature up to 400 degrees. This extreme heat releases the woods natural lignin which binds the wood together. No other substances or binding materials are added. It’s pure, clean, wood - nothing added.

The process of compaction makes the finished log 225% more dense than oak, produces 1.4 times the BTU’s per pound than maple and it takes 3.15 more volume of each to produce 1,000,000 BTU’s. NOTE: 268 logs equal 1 cord of wood as measured in BTU's.

The pellet logs have a heating value of 8,126 BTU/lb, conservatively, and a .6% ash content @ 600 degrees Celsius. Check out the manufacturer's cordwood comparison chart at:

Home Fire Prest Logs are designed for homeowners who heat their homes with wood. Excellent in wood stoves, with or without a catalytic converter, our logs give an even burn for 10-12 hours and don’t fall apart. They provide more heat, less work, less handling and less maintenance of the fire. Volatile gases combust in the firebox in a hotter burn thus reducing pollutants into the air. By using our logs, a renewable heat source, you are making a contribution to the environment !


* No Popping & Cracking: The popping and cracking of cordwood is produced when small pockets of alcohol, inherent in cordwood, explode in the heat of the fire. By grinding and compressing wood waste into fine particles the alcohol pockets are eliminated. Our logs do not pop & crack like cordwood.

* Less Creosote/Cleaner Burn: Creosote is unburned gas condensing in the flue of the chimney. An inefficient burn results in creosote buildup. The degree of dryness in wood effects the efficiency of BTU conversion. Cleaner burning wood has less moisture, burns hotter and has fewer volatile gases released during the burn.

* Less Carbon Dioxide/Cleaner Burn: Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Wood fuel is considered "greenhouse-gas neutral" since it releases similar amounts of carbon dioxide whether it burns or left to decay.

* These pellet logs are one of the cleanest forms of heat available in the world today. The highly compressed logs go through two burn stages: Ignition and Heat Conversion. During the Ignition Stage our prest logs burn with a flame and the wood turns into charcoal, volatile gases and liquids (just like cordwood). The volatile gases and liquids burn in the Ignition stage and produce little heat. In the Heat Conversion stage it is the charcoal glowing with flameless fire which produces the most heat. This is what separates Home Fire Prest Logs from other "similar" products on the market. These logs burn longer and produce more heat than other manufactured logs or cordwood. 

* Handle Less & Store Inside: Logs are shipped on a 40" x 40" skid which can be stored in a garage, inside a basement or in the house. An optional delivery program delivers 1 skid in 4 loads during a heating season.

* No Mold, Fungus or Bugs: Extreme heat and pressure "pasteurizes" the logs thus eliminating all fungus, molds and bugs. Stack your logs inside your home or garage without fear of introducing pests.

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