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Starting Instructions

Establish a kindling base fire or use a firestarter. For best results arrange logs 2 over 2. Once fire is established the logs can be repositioned closer together to maximize efficiency.


From a cold start follow the directions above for fireplaces remembering that an ash base is needed. Warm starts, just add to existing hot coal base.

IMPORTANT! You should have an established ash base before starting your fire. The air-tight nature of woodstoves will sometimes produce "clinkers" or black, lava-type pieces. These "clinkers" could adhere themselves to soapstone stove elements. Mix ash around when refueling to prevent clinkers from adhering. Remove clinkers when stove is not hot. NOTE: As a wood stove can be over fired using cordwood, it can be over fired using this product. 

Patio Pits and BBQ:

Logs can be burned whole in a patio pit (see diagram 1), or chopped into pieces if preferred (see diagram 2). Cut into discs with a hammer and chisel. Place together with kindling underneath, and light as usual. Add whole logs later to increase heat.

Please note that the fire will burn much like a cordwood fire in the initial stages. The logs will eventually turn into red-hot coals. At this point you can position them together to optimize the heat.

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