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Carole, Woodbridge, CT - I'm one of those strange people that enjoy winter especially when I have such great fuel as yours. I went through 2/3 of the logs last winter and love them.

Mike, Stamford, CT - Nothing compares to these logs -- we tried other alternatives the past two years and they were all disappointing to say the least. These do what they say and we love how long they last!

Rob, Ipswich, MA - I'm addicted to these logs and life can't go on without them!

Brian, Upton, MA
I did try the logs, and was very impressed. They are kind-of hard to get going, but once they do, they burn very nicely. I think you said they burn more like coal, and I think that’s accurate. They burn extremely clean through my catalysis and burn all night long. I just can’t let them go out. I suspect I’ll be back for more!

Karen, Haverhill, MA
Thank you for the excellent customer service you provided in scheduling our pallet delivery. Keith was kind, informative and did an exceptional job with our delivery. We have been burning the logs, testing the burn and frankly, are very impressed. We think the logs will do everything they are supposed to do! We think that 2 more pallets should get us through the winter... my husband is convinced they are the best option and value for us.

Eileen, Duxbury, MA
I tried the logs last night and they are great. I had a simmering fire for 10 hours it was fantastic.

George, Boston, MA
I love the Prest Logs, and will need to get more. We are so warm and cozy in our family room, with the wood stove putting out such toasty heat! We have never been so warm in years! :)

Vickie, Bourne, MA
We were very pleased with the logs we received from you last season & would like to place an order for 3 pallets for the 2014-2015 winter. It was warm & cozy here despite the brutal weather & our kitties (8) loved laying in front of the fire!

Jack, Northboro, MA
My daughter and son in law are customers who use your manufactured logs, highly recommend them and gave us some to try! I am totally sold on the product.

I.O, Marlborough, MA
I'm so happy with the logs. They've become my primary heating source. Haven't come home to a cold stove yet. They're awesome! I've gone through 40% of the palette in 3 weeks and will need another delivery in a month.

Tony, Sudbury, MA
I have been using them since we got our wood stove and love them.

Roland, Connecticut
I am convinced they are the best. I will testify to that as you wish if needed, (reviews, testimonials, etc).

Dianna, Templeton, MA
I absolutely love this product. When my husband found you on the web and we decided to try it I am amazed. Since we moved into this old house we have had a problem burning in the wood stove. The installation is kind of messed up and we were getting a lot of back up smoke. Not with your product. It burns clean, no back draft and very little ash. Ok so I am writing an ad for you right??!

Shawn, Leominster, MA
These worked out MUCH better than i had anticipated.

Nancy, Northborough, MA
I have been using these logs for a few years now, and LOVE the easiness, clean burn, and I never have chimney fires!

Jeffrey, Milford, NH
We have a Vermont Casting catalyst wood stove. These are the most amazing logs I have used. We have tested several "biologs" over the past few years. Nothing compares even close to your logs. This is the first product we have used that remains hot and glowing for 18-20 hours in our stove--NO LIE!

Daryle, Attleboro, MA
We’ve tried other fire logs but nothing compares, we store them in our basement. No shoveling a path to the wood pile. No mess to clean up from the door to the wood stove. No heat loss from bringing in more wood, and no insects. You have got to try Home Fire Prest Logs. We did and we’re convinced they’re the best.

Scott, Millerton, NY
We liked the logs though used them in conjunction with other firewood. We use them both in a smaller, antique coal/wood stove as well as a newer wood stove. They are much cleaner to work with and less hassle than regular wood.

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