Home Fire Prest Logs vs. Smartlog in a Fireplace

Here is a NON-scientific testing of the two densified wood firelogs. Although, Non-scienfific it may be respresentative of how "Joe Homeowner" may test the effectiveness of the products. With this said, you should perform your own tests in your own burning device because results will vary. This way you can make an informed purchasing decision based on your own needs and desired outcome.

For this test we took a 4, 5lb Home Fire Prest pellet logs with a half pound fire starter on the right side. 4, 3.5lb Smartlogs with a half pound fire starter on the left side.

One half hour after ignition. Smartlogs are starting to "accordian". Our logs remain whole.

One hour after ignition. Smartlogs have broken in half and have continued to "accordian". The Home Fire Prest Logs remain whole.

Two hours after ignition. Smartlogs are pretty much done while our logs are still going strong.

Two and one half hours after ignition the Smartlog is done heating while our logs are still heating.

Three hours after ignition the Home Fire Prest Logs are still heating (even though there is little flame, this stage resembles coal burning). At this point you can break down the logs to form a coal base and add logs to extend the fire. For this test we will break down the logs.

Four hours after ignition our logs are still heating.

Five hours after ignition our logs are still heating.

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